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Welcome to the inspiration page, here you can exploit different decor ideas that can be useful for everyday life. Content will also include QOTD(quotes of the day) add-ons here as well. 

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Don't we all just hate those rules and restrictions that come with houses that are not ours? If you live in an apartment like me and you have a lot of decor ideas in your creative mind waiting to be executed, then the Holder straps are the way to go. No drilling, no complaint, no stress. all you just need to do is paste strap on your wall and hang whatever fine art you have or curtains. I personally use the Command 3M wall stickers-Purchase at Target. 
This particular picture was from researching on Pinterest. 
Try it and let me know how your home decorating goes!!

Style 1 

Which do you prefer?  Both of these room decor inspirations are very similar, yet different!
Style 2

Hanging chairs are a must in your home! They are so modern and way too comfortable. I call it "adult-rocking chair" 

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