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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Nordstrom Shopping-Holding on to Summer.

Me trying to hold on to summer in the winter..
The best times are the times you go out looking cute and you decide to go shopping..
As you my angels know, I moved from the south(Texas) to the north(Ohio) pretty recently and I must tell you there’s no greater weather shock for me..
As much as the two states are in the United States, I can tell you they are vastly different in many ways...My Ohio exploration project will be coming up soon in which I will be showing you my angels around Ohio, and will write up another blog post later to show you all, these differences.
For now, the one difference that’s very clear is the Weather up North. It gets really cold, icy and snowy here whereas, Texas isn’t really as cold during their winter. So when you see me enjoying the sun outside sometimes it’s because I know better than to take it for granted...(lol). But anyways, angels the winter is here already, so gear up properly, stay warm and still look good in your “winter body”. Nobody says you can’t rock the winter as much as you can rock the summer!! 
Stay tuned for the next blog post...hints: it’s going to be on dress up ideas for the winter:)
Till next time, stay shining angels!!! 
The Green @Beavercreek, Ohio
Nordstrom shopping. 


  1. Lovely post!...Just joined and I’m already loving it!!

  2. Thank you very much MO, hope you continue to enjoy more of our posts.


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