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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Me To Your Circle

As I continue to grow and my brain widens out, I have come to the realization that I am adamantly choosy about the people I keep in my circle.When I meet people for the first time I often see the positive/good in people, hence everyone is my friend at the first meeting. However, with time I get to know people for who they really are and then I get to filter through and take out weeds from real plants and..
then my real circle is made and yes I said circle. I am not one of those people that attach a stigma to having a circle of friends, in fact, I think everyone should have this; I believe everyone has the right to choose their friends and not the other way round. In my books, you get to assess friends and approve of their stay in your hotel of being (Lol- Life).Like my favorite saying goes “ it’s not I hope they like me, it’s I hope I like them”. This is obviously not saying to be proud, egocentric or snooty when choosing friends, I am just saying there’s nothing wrong with been careful and attentive to their characters, beliefs, and ideas. 

P.S. Don’t ever think you can live your life without friends or that you are good on your own, probably because you find it hard to get friends that understand you or fits into your idea of friendship or because you’ve been hurt by friends way too many times. Nope! Those are never good enough reasons to not have or keep friends, everyone needs a friend!
Friendship Village

So with all that being said, here are some pointers to what I mean by evaluating friends.
The kind of people I love to hang out with: 
People who fit into my Future and not my History- (Doesn’t mean I can’t keep childhood friends, so long as they still add much-appreciated values to my present progression).
  1. People who can do better than I can and are willing to teach- (No selfish personnel allowed in this joint).
  2. People who talk about visions and prospects and not about other people. (Mind over matter= maturity. Not really a fan of gossips). 
  3. People who see light where darkness was assumed (Optimism and Resilience are great virtues).
  4. People who delegate the task to create an opportunity for others to learn (Back to point#2).
  5. People whose mindset thinks of creating and not just consuming (I’m attracted to Forward thinkers. Back to point#3).
  6. People who are willing to fly even when it’s scary to walk ( See, I mean it! Back to point#4).
  7. People whose vision and ideology fits and compliments my existence. ( General note: “we can’t be sleeping together if we dream different”).

Cappuccino and latte of f. r. i. e. n. d. s


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