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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Lifestyle:Part two-Being an Employed Millennial.

The next important thing that changes while being an employed millennial is FOOD!!. Your meal plan literally changes, as most of the balanced diet meals you had while living with your parents cannot be made for you as often. And yes, I said “made for you" because, in my parent's house, meals were usually
prepared for us- I'm an African with four Siblings. Before me, are two older female siblings, so meal duties get passed around before ever getting to me; Perks for being the fourth of five Kids:). I washed a lot of dishes though(Smh) because older siblings passed that duty to the younger ones.

Although, we all know that if we truly miss those amazing homemade food, we'll grow up and learn how to make them for ourselves--Preach it, girl( lol note to self). 
-Weight loss may also become an issue because of the less intake of solid meals. Most of the time, we just eat snacks to fill in the stomach at that

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period of hunger, which may be because of not having the chance to cook majorly due to the fatigue from work after spending eight hours (9-5) at work out of your twelve-day hours, although sometimes laziness is usually what it really is for me (LOL)...
I like to think that at least this one, you can solve or avoid, unlike part one adulting issue-bills which is permanent and unavoidable.  
Anyways, the whole point is that transitioning into this new stage of life forces us to make important life decisions by ourselves which on its own is a Terrible idea!!, Like, don't leave me to decide anything, I can barely put the right outfits on for events. lol. I know nothing, I'm a millennial!!


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