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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Lifestyle:Being an Employed Millennial.

Being an employed millennial kind of suck. Hear me out; you get all the freedom, you’ve always asked for because you don’t have to stay with parents/family anymore, and listen to me when I say "You don’t have to" that doesn’t mean you can't! what I'm saying is that; being employed at least in the corporate world, you earn enough to afford your own place if you want to, hence the chance/freedom to live alone. But then, the stressful thing about that which is often looked over by our...
excitement to want to be by ourselves is the responsibility that comes with having your own place. First of all, I'm in Finance so I kinda like "my money", so I will talk about the "wild monster" that constantly eats up our earnings. BILLS!!
when I tell you paying bills by yourself is the worst growing up act you will forever hate, believe me! when I was growing up I didn’t really get it when my parents complained about being broke a few days after their paychecks, I used to be like "yeah right! like I don’t know you just got paid" and they often laughed at my ignorance. But now, I tots get it. Paychecks fly away like the fastest bird alive, literally money go Usain Bolt on me every payday.
All the bills we have to pay spans from Rent, Electricity, Wi-Fi, Gas, Auto/rent Insurance, to emergency upkeeps and so many more that I cannot recall right now, but let me assure you even those ones listed above is already enough to sink in all your earnings…For instance, at the early start period of my job, I had to move to a new location and even though my job paid for my moving expenses, unfortunately while moving I got some random finger infection that forced me to go to the ER  for an incision procedure; which by the way, I thought at that point was going to be the death of me! Not because of the pain or the stress but because of the hospital emergency bill!! Did I mention; I’m not on my parent's medical insurance plan!! therefore I had to pay for the visit by myself. I pulled a survey around some of my young professional friends in the same boat and they all came to the conclusion of bills being “the enemy of all”. So get ready if you are someone getting close to this next phase of life.
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