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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Girl’s Time

I always have so much fun hanging with girlfriends! Amazingly, it could be the one thing you need most after a while of living in the “Adult-hood” and trust me, with the right group of girls it is so worth it! Relocating isn’t always fun, especially if you move to a new city with no friends for a job like me; (lol, because in my accounting/finance life so far, my theory has been to “follow the money”)
So I took a job in a city with no friends nor family right after college. However, after a year thankfully I have been able to make a new community of friends around me.Typically, I am not the kind that goes out of her way to make new friends, however sometimes life forces us to do or learn things the hard way. Ultimately, I’ve learned to view my relocation has a blessing because it has allowed me to make new friends and lol make some money whilst in that process.

Click to watch clip from my trip with the girls to Indianapolis, IN

Thoughts of the week: 

  1. Your comfort zone isn't always your progress zone. 
  2. Always find a silver lining in all situations. Live free, enjoy the current stage you are in.
  3. Life is way too hard for you to add more difficulties to it. 

Pictures from one of the most relaxing weekends in a while!...

The Girls!!
@The Garden Table.
Sometimes taking a picture at the bar can be funny yet relaxing, but what can a girl do...
One word for the Ice-cream roll-up@Pearings Cafe-L.O.V.E
Enough drink mix to go around!!
@The Indy Sign at Downtown.  
The weekend trip with some of my girlfriends to Indianapolis,IN.
Places Visited:
  1. Garden Table.
  2. The Eagle's Nest.
  3. Punch Bowl Social Indianapolis.
  4. Pearings Cafe and Frozen Yogurt Indianapolis.


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