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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Catch a Break: Travel-Being an Employed Millennial.

Take time to travel to those places you’ve always wanted to go to. Even though, I know it could be somewhat difficult or stressful based on the inability to take time off at work. Had so much fun traveling to see the People's Purple bridge at Newport.
-Newport, KY
Trust me all you have to do is plan ahead, accumulate paid time off (PTO) by not taking days off from work unnecessarily and budget plan-save up the fund. I’ve only been working for 10 months so I kinda know the struggles of getting a long stretched vacation-at least one week, but strategically planning ahead absolutely helps...
Although, I haven’t had the chance to go out of the country for vacation since I started as well; I have a long list of places I’d like to go visit and I’ve been taking time to look into them in regards to budgeting and finding fun activities to do in those places. However, I have at least traveled out of the state and city to have some fun with friends. Don’t worry you’re not missing out on life LOL, being time-constrained and busy comes with “working your career”, you are definitely not the only one in this. I like to think that the time used for accumulating PTO and saving up the fund is the best time to plan all the nice things you’d do when you finally decide to go on your trip. This way, you don’t get to feel bad for not doing what you’d like to do (traveling) at that moment. I believe the time used in putting up a traveling plan is also part of the traveling process. Lol, or it might just be that I’m big or planning before doing.🤷‍♀️
P.S. Photo credit @Sirkunze.( Lol, thank you for putting up with me and my photo moments).

Here are some places I’ve visited in the 10 months of working and also a few places on my list that I will love to visit.

One of the places I plan to visit-Sydney, Australia.

Another desired destination-Santorini, Greece.

One place I’ve been to but still loves to visit-Dallas, Texas
I actually lived in Dallas before my work relocation, I call it home away from home.Fyi, I’m a die-hard Texas lover.

Another Place I’ve been but always love to go back to to-Cincinnati, Ohio.


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