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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Ankara blog-Kemi's Couture

As much as we don't get the chance to wear more of the Ankara Print outfits, mom still insists on being our supplier. Every now and then my sisters and I get the most amazing traditional wears from mama. Here are some of the lovely styles to inspire you, yes! you, my lovelies!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Nordstrom Shopping-Holding on to Summer.

Me trying to hold on to summer in the winter..
The best times are the times you go out looking cute and you decide to go shopping..
As you my angels know, I moved from the south(Texas) to the north(Ohio) pretty recently and I must tell you there’s no greater weather shock for me..

Friday, November 15, 2019

Low V-Neck Dress Style

Low v-neck dress by H&M
I styled this look for my birthday photoshoot & video, I remember taking these photos in the street and a parking garage with people staring at me and my photographer as if we were crazy..

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Launching The Ankara Blog- Kemi’s Couture.

 Finally decided to launch my Ankara blog on here as well! My sisters and I have this love for African print attires, stay on as we inspire you with the different, new and diversified styles out there right now. Modeling the Sade Zip-Liner paired with white sneakers: @Kansola. @Kemisola. 

Girl’s Time

I always have so much fun hanging with girlfriends! Amazingly, it could be the one thing you need most after a while of living in the “Adult-hood” and trust me, with the right group of girls it is so worth it! Relocating isn’t always fun, especially if you move to a new city with no friends for a job like me; (lol, because in my accounting/finance life so far, my theory has been to “follow the money”)

Me To Your Circle

As I continue to grow and my brain widens out, I have come to the realization that I am adamantly choosy about the people I keep in my circle.When I meet people for the first time I often see the positive/good in people, hence everyone is my friend at the first meeting. However, with time I get to know people for who they really are and then I get to filter through and take out weeds from real plants and..

This is why People Matter.

To be honest I never thought I’d become someone who craves to have more people around me, when I was younger, my parents used to bring a lot of guests into our home; family, friends and all kind of strays, mostly because my mom is such a friendly, polite and outgoing person that accommodate all kinds of people---

Outdoor View

Open window,
Outback Patio,
Bright lights,
Effective living

Lifestyle:Art Show

How many of you love an Art Time! Art galleries are some of the few places you can visit to learn and have fun at the same time; most importantly in my case, they create a nice picture scenery...

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